Know Our Food Philosophy

We believe God has given us the Blessings to Enjoy Good Food and Food should be simple yet fun, wholesome, vibrant and delicious. We like our diners to enjoy the plate that is diverse in texture, color and flavour, just like their personalities. We like to feel energized and satisfied by what we eat. We take pleasure in voting with our chopsticks, knowing that we make food choices that are more supportive of the wellness of people, planet and critters than a majority of the alternatives out there. We love good food, and more importantly, we love to share our food with friends.

We believe in adding a bit more vegetables, most of our dishes are complete with salads.

Real Food, we source wild catch fishes, organic vegetables,  grass-fed, humanely raised animals as the ideal source for meat, other ingredients like cage free chicken eggs from local farm.

Some Essential Fats are a vital part of our diet, some are essential. Omega-3 is one of the best example with our wild catch fishes like salmon, tuna, mackerel as the good source . Premium Japanese Pink Pork raised under the strictly control of Japanese farmers give us the best pork belly that give all the best nutrition to our diners.

Limiting Sugar, even natural sugars. With the increase health concern on sugar intake among consumers, we use little or no sugar in our preparation of food.

In summary, we believe in moderation, and balance of all nutrients to create a healthy and yet delicious food for all. Most of all, we do not over price our items even though we uses the best ingredients.

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